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Flipping the Flip House: Our Kitchen Backsplash Adventure

Updated: May 28

In our latest flip house project, the kitchen backsplash was set to be a standout design element. Initially, I had my heart set on a sleek, full backsplash that would perfectly match the countertops. The plan was both stylish and budget-friendly, with the slab priced at $500 and installation costs at $200.

Everything seemed to be falling into place until our installer flaked on us at the last minute. With the project timeline tightening, we were forced to pivot and find an alternative solution quickly.

During a trip to Floor and Decor, I stumbled upon some beautiful zellige tiles priced at just $1.69 per tile. While this wasn't our original plan, the Zellige tiles immediately caught my eye with their unique, handcrafted look. We decided to go for it and purchased four boxes to cover the entire backsplash area.

As it turned out, this unexpected change was a blessing in disguise. The zellige tiles brought a charming and distinctive touch to the kitchen, adding warmth and character that a matching slab wouldn't have achieved. The result was a stunning, inviting kitchen that exceeded our expectations.

This experience was a great reminder that flexibility and creativity are essential in any renovation project. Sometimes, the best outcomes come from the most unexpected changes. The Zellige tiles ended up being the perfect choice for our flip house kitchen, proving that a little adaptability can lead to beautiful results.

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